Hub Consulting

Who we are

Hub consulting is a firm dedicated to supporting enterprise improve their overall capabilities, either through growth (organic or acquisition), service, and pricing or cost reduction strategies.

We have developed a very strong methodology in quickly determining the most appropriate approach to any particular problem our client may be facing. In some market sectors our project management competency enables us to offer a complete turn key operation for major projects.

Our Principals have many years of experience in senior industry roles and in consulting. It is this experience that we believe distinguishes our team and enables them to be successful in any engagement.

Our approach is typically very engaging and involves key staff and stakeholders of the company or Government organisation.

Hub Consulting differentiates itself through:

  • high involvement of senior staff with proven experience;
  • operational experience;
  • high client focus; and
  • a culture of integrity and confidentiality at all times

We always staff our work with people that have the relevant industry experience and strong interpersonal skills

"Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat",

Sun Tzu