Hub Consulting

Engagement experience

Our experience covers a variety of industries. Some of our assignments have included:


  • Capture and Bid management, strategies and WBS cost to serve for various stages of the Defence Overlander program (Land JP121) for US Defence Contractor
  • Major review of procurement within the New Zealand Defence Force
  • Bid strategies, total WBS cost to serve and risk assessment for the successful $3.1 billion Landing Helicopter Deck (LHD) Defence Contract
  • Bid management, strategies, WBS cost to serve and negotiation for the successful $1 billion Defence Integrated Distribution System contract (DIDS)
  • Bid management and WBS cost to serve within Defence Logistics Transformation Project (DLTP)
  • Bid strategy and WBS cost to serve for Air Warfare Destroyer (AWD)
  • Bid management for various successful Garrison Support Services (GSS) and CMC Contracts
  • Representation for a major European shipbuilding firm in the Australasian region
  • Bid Management and strategies for a large defence training contract
  • Advisory services to the Board of a major Australian shipbuilding and submarine enterprise


  • Over 20 engagements for a major Australian Police Force ranging from strategic procurement advisory, benchmarking governance processes to other jurisdictions to business case development
  • Working for a State Government agency to provide a detailed strategic review and implementation plan to increase exports for Australian Industry through improved access to Global Supply Chains in the international shipbuilding industry
  • Advisory and RFT development to improve governance processes in Defence by integrating disparate IT systems

Industrial / Logistics

  • Strategic review and improvement recommendations for the largest Australian priority freight company
  • Supply chain diagnostic (Health Check) of a division of one of Australia's largest banks
  • Independent experts report for a public company within the automotive industry
  • Facilities management and risk management plans and advisory for a major health care outsourcing PPP proposal
  • Bid management and development for Australasia's leading logistics company (various bids)
  • Corporate strategy for a global water technology provider
  • Screening of targets for a leading water technology company
  • Various CAPEX and business case proposals
  • Strategic due diligence for the acquisition of:
    • a leading shoe manufacturer
    • a paper merchant in New Zealand
    • the roll-up of 6 office furniture companies
    • the roll-up of 7 logistic businesses
    • a leading stainless steel vat manufacturer in New Zealand
    • a leading steel processing company
    • a leading heat exchanger and pressure valve production company
    • the leading Australian car carrying company
    • multiple firms in the printing, data management and mailing industries
    • the merger of two leading refrigeration businesses
    • a leading glass processor in New Zealand
    • New Zealand's leading bus company (included patronage study)
    • New Zealand's leading ferry company (included patronage study)
    • a pallet pooling business across Asia-Pacific


  • Supply chain baseline cost to serve and future supply chain footprint design for a hardware retailer
  • Proof of concept, redesign and implementation of a large discount clothing retailers supply chain
  • Stakeholder engagement review for an Australian department store
  • Supply chain network redesign and outsourcing for a major Australian retailer
  • Strategic due diligence for the acquisition of:
    • an iconic outdoor retail chain
    • a leading female lingerie chain
    • a leading gym chain
    • an MBO acquisition of a New Zealand tourism group
    • multiple due diligence engagements within the retirement industry
  • Supply chain review and due diligence for the acquisition of:
    • an iconic department store
    • a merger of 2 leading discount retailers, including synergy realisation


  • Cost to Serve by channel, by state, by customer, service improvement and future supply chain footprint for a world leading beverage company
  • Cost to Serve by channel, by brand and SKU for a leading food importing company
  • Sales force effectiveness and time and motion study for a leading Australian Alcohol company
  • Business Process re-engineering for a world leading cosmetics company
  • In depth market reviews of the New Zealand and Australian wine and milk markets
  • Strategic due diligence for the acquisition of:
    • the market leading Australian dried fruit company
    • a chain of fast food restaurants in New Zealand
    • the market leading New Zealand chicken processing businesses
    • a leading Australasian energy drink and beverage company


  • Detailed Cost to Serve and Pricing strategies for a Financial Ombudsmans Service
  • Strategic due diligence for Australasia's largest marketing communications group
  • Exit and business plan for a leading Australian Enterprise Content Management software provider
  • Business case and sourcing of Australian backpacker chain
  • Review of market research competitive landscape and the formation of Hub Insights